#music #5: I’m playing music for you!

I am in fond of music, I wrote you that before. Especially classical music. But I don’t mind to find out and learn about other music genres. I love that very much! Music is such an important thing in my life. I play the violin since I am seven years old. For such a long time!

I'm playing music for you!

As you may know, I play in an orchestra. We play such lovely music, but I have to admit that the music is changeling so much. I still have to practise a little bit more, but I have still time until our concert on 13th of June this year! I am so excited to have this concert.

Backpacking in the mountains

Backpacking in the mountains

I like walking through the mountains very much. But I have done this once in my life. It was in 2008 in Switzerland. I don’t remember where I’ve been, but it was with my husband and then eight month old daughter. We were invited for a wedding of a good friend and former colleague of my husband. One day we were walking through the mountains and my daughter was crying all the way. When were at the top if the hill she was laughing all the way. She loved it very much… So am I and my husband.

#music #4: David Oistrakh – Brahms Violin Sonata No 3

David Oistrakh plays the Brahms Violin Sonata No 3 opus 108. The Violin Sonata gives me a warm feeling inside. It starts soft and goes slowly to a deeper emotional level. He composed this sonata between 1878 and 1888. The first time I listened to this violin sonata was on the radio when I was about ten years old. If I remember this well, at that time my sister was rehearing this violin sonata as well. So I heard this almost all day long for a few days straight. Since then I love this piece very much. Brahms also wrote two violin sonatas before and also other great work for violin.

The violinist David Oistrakh is one of the great violinists I have ever heard! He was born in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine).

For more performances of this violin sonata by other performers, you can watch it on YouTube.