Stripe dress

When I walked through the woods today I was thinking of making a fashion post again after a while I haven’t posted anything (the last post here)! I didn’t know why. I think I wasn’t feeling that well lately and I didn’t get the focus on writing. I didn’t feel the need to. But now I am back again. I … More Stripe dress

My Mother’s Day

Hello Everyone! My day started quiet good. Sleeping longer than a normal day. All my daughters came into my room. I was all alone with them last week, because my husband is still in Boston and will be back tomorrow. But after a normal breakfast the eldest two daughters gave me their artwork they made … More My Mother’s Day

Polka dots

Hi All, I have a polka dit dress in my closet. And want to share this with you! I wear this with a red jacket. This fits so well for me that I really want to show it. Red is my favourite color. This outfit was bought for the wedding of one of my sisters in 2012. … More Polka dots

Outfit for spring

A few weeks ago I went shopping for getting a new outfit for a wedding – the wedding outfit will come later. I found a shirt from Superstar. I bought two of. One in skin color and one in grey. The pants is from Jane Norman. The sunglasses from Mondano. Lipcolor is from New York … More Outfit for spring