Get the look #3: Yves Saint Laurent

Get the look #3: Yves Saint Laurent


Sophisticated red

Sophisticated red





Home update #4: all white

New new home:

When I look at those pictures, I am much Continue reading “Home update #4: all white”

I’ve blocked you

I've blocked you

I have no words for this

I have no words for this

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Do I really look like this?

Do I really look like this?


Face of the Day – 5 November 2015

This is My Face of the Day. I used products of L'Oréal Paris, Catrice, Rimmel and New York Color. Lately I'm trying to get different looks.:

So, I’m just back from the local government! It became really late today. Continue reading “Face of the Day – 5 November 2015”

Black beauty

Black beauty


Home update #3: the contours

New home:

This autumn pictures of my new home is stunning. It is just Continue reading “Home update #3: the contours”

Ok, let’s do it!

Ok, let's do it!





Difference with the same colour

Difference with the same colour