Eating in restaurant Theehuis Rhijnauwen

Today I ate in the restaurant “Theehuis Rhijnauwen” in Bunnik, The Netherlands. You can eat Dutch pancakes. We had such a great time. I went with my husband and my two youngest daughters (no names for their privacy (the oldest is staying with my parents in law for a week)). For the kids is a playground to have such a great time.

I took a pancake with bacon, my one-year-old daughter took a natural, my five-year-old daughter took a natural one with Dutch hagelslag to create her now pancake (unfortunately I missed that picture, but shoot one before she created her pancake). My husband took a wrap.

IMG_1742  IMG_1743


Before we got our pancakes we ate such great bread with butter. This was very good quality! I highly recommend this restaurant!

IMG_1732  IMG_1745  IMG_1747  IMG_1748 IMG_1749  IMG_1750  IMG_1751 IMG_1752  IMG_1753  IMG_1754 IMG_1760  IMG_1767 IMG_1769

IMG_1776 IMG_1777


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