Review: Max Factor – Coffee Toffee


Hi beauties! I have a lipstick to show you! This lipstick is from Max Factor. This is a brown lipstick. Between light and dark brown. A lovely colour, but I think it is not a colour that fits with my skin tone. It is a flesh brown colour.

The texture is good, but it won’t stay on the lips for hours. I think for at least two hours. Sometimes the lipstick will get aside the lips.



Review: Max Factor – Copper Penny


The Max Factor lipstick is brow and the name is Copper Penny. It has number 775. Unfortunately there is not a serie which I can refer to. Anyway, the package is in a simple black husk as we can expect from Max Factor. The lipstick itself has a brown colour, but when I applied it on my lips the colour turned out between orange and brown. I love the colour, but I am a little bit disappointed that it is not fully light brown as I expect.

DSC_2322 DSC_2333

The texture is soft, easy to apply and – very important to me – is that the lipstick is not going besides the lips. It is on the lips for about two hours when it get off the lips.


After all I can tell you that I am happy with this lipsticks.

Nails #24 Max Factor Glossfinity – Royal Blue

Sorry that I haven’t posted this Tuesday, but I was very busy with the local politics, musical activities and my children.


Last Sunday I have polished my nails again. I have done the Max Factor Glossfinity, number 135 with the name Royal Blue. I can tell you: it is really a Royal Blue colour! I love the colour very much. It is a transparant squared bottle with a black husk. The name is very clear on the bottle. Immediately I can read that they promise that this nail polish will give you “glossy nails for up to 7 days”.

What they promise

This is what they write about this product on their website:

  • Immaculate, glossy nails that last with Glossfinity Nail Polish.
  • High gloss, professional finish.
  • Glossy nails that last up to 7 days
  • Available in 25 signature shades

Does it work what they promise? Lets find out!

DSC_3544 DSC_3546

Bottle and brush

As I already wrote, I like the colour very much. It fits good on my nails. It comes in a bottle of 11 ml. Pritty much. The first nail I applied, I was surprised by how easy it was to apply the nail polish. I mean, it didn’t go besides the nails too much as I used to. I always have, because the brush is too big or too small, but this is perfect for me. Or maybe I was relaxing while I was applying the nail polish.


Texture and coverage

The nail polish is a little bit limp when you get it off the bottle. I don’t know what to think about that! When I think about it, I don’t really mind that, but you have to be careful that it won’t get off the brush soon. When it is on your nails, I have to wait about three minutes before it will be dry. I don’t think that is what it meant to be. Or did I applied too much on the nails? Well, I don’t know; I applied one layer on my nails. The coverage is fine, although I made a mistake by applying one layer on the left hand. Two days I got a clip in the nail polish.



After all I am happy with this nail polish. Maybe I can try it with a top coat to protect my nail polish.

Max Factor Dusky Rose versus Max Factor English Rose

DSC_9624DSC_8754 DSC_8757 DSC_9628 DSC_8761 DSC_9632

I have two lipsticks from Max Factor for to compare. Max Factor Dusky Rose (black package) and Max Factor English Rose (golden package). Both are fine to work with and they both are pink. English Rose is more going to dark peach, but still it is pink. It is light pink. Dusky Rose is more dark pink. You can see it is a little bit more dark, but you can’t see hardly.

Max Factor Dusky Rose is more unwieldy to affix to the lips. And Max Factor English Rose is more lighter and looser to affix to the lips. I prefer to apply Dusky Rose, but I will like English Rose too! Dusky Rose is more thick to apply and English Rose is more light to apply. Both textures are fine to work with. I like to have the darker pink, but I won’t disclose the English Rose at all. I really like both!

English Rose doen’t cover the lips totally and Dusky Rose does. But that is with my lips. I think it will be differently with each other skin. No doubt that I am happy with both lipsticks.

I prefer to use Dusky Rose more than English Rose. Which lipstick do you prefer to use? Let me know in the comments.

Dusky Rose
English Rose

Nails #20 Max Factor Glossfinity – Lilac Lace

117783446 2,

Now it’s Tuesday and I have a nail polish from Max Factor to review for you! It is in the serie Glossfiniy serie with number 130 – Lilac Lace.

DSC_5234 DSC_5225

The colour is purple lila. A beautiful colour for this nail polish. The nail polish turnt out the colour as you can see in the bottle! That is very good! I like this lila colour for fall.


I don’t like the round brush, because I have to apply the nail polish in four times and then it will be very thick and it won’t be good anymore. I prefer to use a flat brush.

This is what they promise on their website:

Immaculate, glossy nails that last with Glossfinity Nail Polish

  • High gloss, professional finish.
  • Glossy nails that last up to 7 days

The texture is good. But it is not really glossy nail polish as it promises. It will stay for seven days, so that is well done!!

DSC_2155 DSC_2157

After all I can say that I am happy with this nail polish.

Face of the Day – 28 August 2014

Today I have used the eyeshadow palette from Catrice: Absolute Nude.


The I applied my L’Oreal Paris mascara.

As always I have used the Defining Blush from Catrice – Rosewood Forest.

DSC_2023 DSC_2025

For the lips I have applied the Max Factor Dusky Rose Lipstick.

I hope you like it!

Face of the Day – 24 August 2014

I really was lazy to put some make-up on my face, but still I just did something without thinking what I wanted to do. So, hopefully you will like it.


First of all I applied the Catrice number 570 Plum Up The Jam in the serie Absolute Eye Colour Mono.

Second I have applied the Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Hair&Lash&Brow Colour, number C01 – Pink Flowed.

On my lips is the lip balm from Max Factor: Max Factor Lip Balm Lip Gloss.

I hope you like it.

Dusky Rose

Max Factor is a great drugstore brand. I love their texture and the most time it is easy to apply. Is that the same for this lipstick?


The package is simply black. That doesn’t matter to me – the simplicity of the package. I love this brand.

The number of this lipstick is 830 Dusky Rose.


It is a pink colour. Between light and dark pink. I like this colour. But I think I will use it for special events.

Dusky Rose applies very good on my lips, very smoothly and not sticky at all.


It looks like my other pink lipstick from Max Factor. I am very happy with this lipstick. I totally can recommend this lipstick to everyone. Even if you don’t like the pink colour.

Very pink lips

The gold package from the lipstick of Max Factor was very attractive to me.

DSC_8754 DSC_8757 DSC_8761

This is number 830 Dusky Rose. A very dark pink lipstick. The texture is brilliant and it stays on the lips for about three or four hours when you don’t eat and drink.


I am very happy and satisfied with this lipstick. You really have use this lipstick with the right colours of clothing, shoes and other make-up.

Max Factor lip balm lip gloss

As many other brand  Max Factor has lip balm glosses as well. Is this package much bigger than the other ones I have and is it much better than the lip balms from Essence and New York Color I have?


The package is as the others: round cap and square block from above with their logo on it. Not very special. This lip balm gloss is in the serie Max Effect – number 10 Orange Smack.


I can’t see if the colour is really orange, but it is a beautiful light colour. In some light effect you can see a different colour or you have to apply too much.

This lipgloss balm is easy to apply. I am still not sure how I like to apply this: with my finger or with the tube.


After all I am very satisfied with this product! Very handy to have it with you in your handbag!!

Brazilian collection

As you’ve noticed I like the football world championship. I have collected lots of products that refer to this championship in Brasil!


This is the whole collection: Tempo tissues and Tempo packs of handkerchiefs.


These eye shadows from L’Oreal Paris have you seen earlier. The textures of both eye shadows are very good.

DSC_8869 Both eye shadows from Catrice. Lovely bright colours. These were not made especially for the football games, but these are in the standard collection.


Most of the product showed in this post I have reviewed already, but not all.

New York Color has no limited edition, but picked up colours and and shades together from their regular collection. All nail colours from this brand I reviewed is between good and bad. But the colours are very nice. I love them.


Maybelline New York has such good shades. The blue nail polish is already reviewed.

This Max Factor nail polis: 130 Lilac Lace. DSC_8877 Love the purple colour.

I love this Therme collection. It is such an amazing Limited Edition in Brazilian sphere. DSC_8879

Tempo is a tissue brand which I like very much. Very soft. I don’t have a nose that hurts after using tissues and handkerchiefs.

DSC_8885 DSC_8889 DSC_8892 DSC_8903 DSC_8904 DSC_8907

Maybe you’ve noticed: Essence pink polish and Limited Edition from Catrice.

200th post: Max Factor Lipfinity

This is my 200th post already! In one year. Times flies. Got a love for blogging.

Max Factor has good products, like my Glossfinity nail polish.

This lipgloss is perfect for the lips. Good texture, nice colour. What else do you want? I love this lipgloss so much. Although I haven’t used it very much, but I definitely will in the future.

Take a look!

DSC_7824 DSC_7826

DSC_7830 DSC_7833

DSC_7835 DSC_7839

DSC_7841 DSC_7848

Nails #3 Berry Stain

Now I have an other nail polish review for you I have in my archives I want to share with you. It’s the Maybelline New York Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Color 7 Days BERRY STAIN number 230. The brush is flat and big. That is fine. The nail polish it selfs is very beautiful, dries in less than a minute and the brush is as big as my thumb nail. 

DSC_5215 DSC_5216

DSC_5218 DSC_5210

The light purple is from MaxFactor: 130 Lilac Lace. This has a small long brush which is also good to work with, but you have to finish it in two times. The polish dries in one minute and it become hard in two or three minutes.

DSC_5222 DSC_5225

DSC_5231 DSC_5234

DSC_5278 DSC_5279 DSC_5286


After all I am glade with those two nail polishes.