LBD Spring Break Style Challenge

Beautysets - LBD Spring Break Style Challenge

I work on this project for a while now, but now I am able to share this with you. I am so excited to let you know why!

Do you wear this at your next spring break vacation?

Have you ever thought what you want to take on your spring break vacation? Or have you ever doubted whether you have taken the right outfit for your spring break vacation? If you’re still asking yourself what to get into your suitcase for your next spring break vacation, I found the inspiration for you!

My spring break vacation

For my spring break vacation – and that will be a family-weekend of the other grandmother of my husband in the beginning of May – I was inspired by DailyLook. I was thinking: “What can I do with a black dress?”. I know the temperatures will be very warm during spring and then wearing a black dress could be very warm for the body, but it is very challenging to combine a black dress during spring and having no warm body.

In the end I love this black dress, so I made the decision to use this dress for an outfit. Previously I took more classic or chic dresses, but this time I thought to do something different. I like to try other outfits, because I haven’t such clothes in my closet. I’m still finding out my style – which I haven’t found yet – but I am getting there. I only save a budget for when I need clothes and I hardly need new clothes.

My idea about this outfit

O, I created this outfit to go to the forest by day and in the evening just wear the jean jacket and the scarf and you’re done with your outfit for on the beach at night. Yes, I do love going to the forest and yes, I do love going to the beach. I never went to the beach by night. Something for on my wish-list!

I’m a mother too and I don’t dare to wear this dress without a legging. I think because people look at you when you’ve children. And then I ask myself: “Everyone is looking at me, is it appropriate to wear this dress without a legging? People can see my underwear if the dress gets up when there is some wind!”. Maybe I am thinking wrong or I am too afraid of it?! Who knows… It feels wrong. That is why I should use a legging, but for people who really dare to wear this dress without a legging, you definitely should wear this without a legging!

Why did I used those items?

Gauzy Boho Dress: As you know I like more the classic and chic dresses. But lately I also have an affection for challenging dresses with holes from the shoulders. This black dress will be a perfect example for a simple, chic, daily, casual and challenging dress.

Matisse Leather Cowboy Booties: I also want to try a country-look outfit. These boots is perfect for getting the country-look, I think. I’m curious if this outfit will fits me!

DAILYLOOK Bronson Stone Hoop Earrings: To stay with the chic looks, I found these beautiful earrings. And it has a statement as well. Which I love too.

Quay Round Lens Sunglasses: Last two days the sun was shining a lot. Yesterday it was 20°C! So, it was time to get the sunglasses. Unfortunately I forgot mine at the location where I was for a course I was following. I bought a new one today. It was’t looking like this one. This will fit great with this lovely outfit!

Stela 9 Leather Quixote Small Bucket Bag: Who doesn’t like bucket bags? I do, although I haven’t one. It will be on my wish-list. I have chosen the red bucket bag, because I have a weakness for the colour red.

Velvet Heart Gloria Classic Jean Jacket: The jacket jeans are in fashion again, like they were in the ’90s. I always loved them very much. I had one when I met my husband, but when it got holes I dislike it and gave it away. I have so many regrets of it, because I could have so much fun with it these days. And I still can have so much fun with it.

Full Knit Scalloped Infinity Scarf: I am just a big fan of scarfs, but I have’t wear them that much since I have had a bad experience with a scarf. The scarf was colourfast. I then had a whole blue neck… But I have a few of them. So, I will wear them much more often now! I have chosen for this scarf, because it is red and it fits perfectly together with the red legging and bucket bag and the dress itself.

DAILYLOOK Beaded Bracelet: Like the earrings, the necklace and the rings – the bracelet is from gold-looking material which is perfect for the statement of this outfit. I have chosen for this bracelets, because it is easy to combine with the other jewellery or just put it off if you

Classic Knit Legging: To stay with my red colour affection, I decided to create this dress with a legging. Maybe to be save in the creativeness?! Because I am always afraid to get cold, I used a legging too.

DAILYLOOK Double Band Ring Set: I love this double band ring set, because has a gold-looking colour. I love gold or gold-looking jewellery. It has some kind of a statement! And it fits great with this outfit. Like red, gold and gold-looking colour is one of my favourite colours at the moment.

DAILYLOOK Polished Chain Link Necklace: You see these kind of necklaces a lot. I have one myself, but I am not wearing necklaces too much, because of playing the violin. I can damage the violin by wearing it. But for events like parties I do wear a necklace. This necklace is safe for each outfit you create. Mostly – in my opinion – simple is the best.

Bailey of Hollywood – ELLIOT Hat natural: Last but not least, this wonderful cowboy country hat. This will be on my wish-list too. Love it. Have I told you I love the Australian serie McLeod’s Daughters? I truly love it. I think I told you before. This hat finish this outfit perfectly!

I hope you like this post as much as I did. Let me know what you think of this outfit. Do you like or want to wear it?

Review: Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown

This is the Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown. Brown and nude colours.

As you can see, the package is black with a transparant cover on the box. There are four colours: off white, nude brown, orange brown and dark brown.

I love those colours very much. It depends on the skin, but you can make wonderful creations with this eyeshadow palette. At my skin the eyeshadow won’t fall of the eyes that much while applying it on the eyes. So wonderful to have such an eyeshadow palette. I have also palettes where the eyeshadow fall off the eye when applying it. I hate that very much.

The texture is fine, not many fall offs and it is very gently while applying the eyeshadow. My favourite colour in this eyeshadow palette is the light nude brown. I use this when I am working for the local radio and television station.

I think I fall in love with this eye shadow.

I can highly recommend this eyeshadow palette!



Face of the Day – 25 August 2014

Today I used:

some purple and light brown from my MUA eyeshadow palette

MATTraction lipstick by Catrice

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture

Defining Blush by Catrice – Rosewood Forest

Take a look how it looks.

DSC_1943 DSC_1945

DSC_1964 DSC_1968

Do you like it?

Normal people scare me

I feel the warmth when I see this outfit. I love the bordeaux red shorts and leggin and the black lettered sweater.

What do you feel when you see this outfit?



Normal people scare me

Drome red legging
$1,165 –

Summer shorts

Backpacks bag

Swarovski bracelet

Irene neuwirth ring
$5,785 –

Blue earrings
$5.54 –

Straw hat
$16 –

How to wear: nude

It is difficult how to wear anything, like how you have to wear nude. Now I have a set for you how to wear nude with a set for the office. It is a simple, but chic outfit with the necessary to wear some chic accessories as well. Don’t forget them. They are essential.



How to wear: nude

Plein Sud top

Rebecca bronze jewelry
$190 –

Diamond ring

Olivia Burton gold jewelry
$125 –

Anna Field Pantalon Beige
$54 –

Urban Expressions DARA
$125 –

Not in the mood

Not in the mood

Flower pants

Flower pants

Converse sneaker
$77 –

Tatty Devine star jewelry
$26 –



Blue hoody

A.L.C. super skinny jeans

CC SKYE blue bracelet

Astley Clarke bamboo ring
$130 –

This is true

This is true

Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss by Rimmel London

Rimmel London has 3D lip glosses. I have number 703: Love at the Movies. It is a brown colour with a very high shine.


This is what they say on the website:

Multi-dimensional Luscious Lips. 
Up to 6 hours of Hi-Def Colour and Shine.  
Bring your lips into a new dimension with a multi-coloured shine coming from every angle! 
Thanks to its new colour changing sparkles, your lips will look fuller, shinier and with a stunning colour change depending on the light. 
Your lips in a 3D dimension! 

I really can’t see the 3D dimension they mentioned.


The packaging is beautiful and easy to use.

The mip gloss itself is a little bit sticky on the lips, the lip gloss is smoothy. But after all I like it and I will stay using the lipgloss!


New York Color lipgloss balm

New York Color has lipgloss balms. I have a pink coloured with the number 531 City Sorbet. It’s a Shiny Lips In Fruity Flavors. It is smoothy and easy to apply. This lipgloss is a little bit sticky if you put too much on the lips. I don’t mind that!


I like the colour. Not too much pink, but chic pink. Good budget lipgloss.

DSC_9278 DSC_9279

Liquid Metal eye shadow: Petrol Pan

As I already have mentioned Catrice has such good Liquid Metal eye shadows. You really look like if you are going to a rock concert. Actually you can apply this eye shadow when you go to a rock concert.


On the their website they say:

Colours with high pigmentation for an extraordinary metallic shine: the silky powder with a chrome effect is reminiscent of liquid metal. Its innovative texture with maximum pigmentation and intense colour-dispersion is sure to make your eyes shine instantly. The unique 3D embossment turns this eyeshadow into an absolute highlight. Nine metallic nuances for every day, every mood, every style.

It is a green shiny eye shadow. I love this pigmentation. As they mentioned it is an intense colour-dispersion.


In my opinion it is a little bit too dark green for this kind of eye shadow.

DSC_9293 DSC_9296

Gosh Copper Mono eye shadow

Gosh has good eye shadows too. The texture is perfect. Better than my Catrice eye shadows (which I still like very much). This eye shadow is number 09 Copper – a mono eye shadow. The colour is brow-gold-copper-a-like. Very beautiful chic colour you can wear with lots of outfits!

DSC_9089 DSC_9101 DSC_9104

DSC_9219 DSC_9222

As eye liner I used an eyeliner from Maybelline New York in the serie Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner. This eyeliner is fine to with. Although I have to get patient to apply eye liner on my eyes, I will get better doing it.

DSC_9224 DSC_9227 DSC_9228