Review: Max Factor – Coffee Toffee


Hi beauties! I have a lipstick to show you! This lipstick is from Max Factor. This is a brown lipstick. Between light and dark brown. A lovely colour, but I think it is not a colour that fits with my skin tone. It is a flesh brown colour.

The texture is good, but it won’t stay on the lips for hours. I think for at least two hours. Sometimes the lipstick will get aside the lips.



Review: Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown

This is the Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown. Brown and nude colours.

As you can see, the package is black with a transparant cover on the box. There are four colours: off white, nude brown, orange brown and dark brown.

I love those colours very much. It depends on the skin, but you can make wonderful creations with this eyeshadow palette. At my skin the eyeshadow won’t fall of the eyes that much while applying it on the eyes. So wonderful to have such an eyeshadow palette. I have also palettes where the eyeshadow fall off the eye when applying it. I hate that very much.

The texture is fine, not many fall offs and it is very gently while applying the eyeshadow. My favourite colour in this eyeshadow palette is the light nude brown. I use this when I am working for the local radio and television station.

I think I fall in love with this eye shadow.

I can highly recommend this eyeshadow palette!



Review: Maybelline New York SuperStay 14HR Lipstick – Infinitely Fuchsia


Sorry that I didn’t write a review in a very long time. The last one was the L’Oreal Paris False Lash Architect 4 Dimensions Effect Fibers – Black Lacquer. But I really had so many time, that I only or the most of the posts created Polyvore creations.


This beautiful pink lipstick from Maybelline New York is in the serie SuperStay 14HR Lipstick with the name Infinitely Fuchsia. I love this flash pink lipstick. This lipstick is really a beautiful summer colour.


The package is transparant with pink plastic around in it. So you can’t see the movement of the lipstick when you use it. The lipstick itself and that plastic round in it husk are really the same colour. Lovely to see that.


I love the lipsticks from Maybelline New York very much! This fuchsia lipstick feels soft and smoothly on the lips. In the beginning – when you apply it for the very first time – it will apply very rough. But the next time it is fine to work with. It is what you want and prefer to use!

This is what Maybelline New York says about this lipstick:

Super rich color with super staying power. In one amazing weightless formula.
No dragging. No drying. No letdowns at all.
In 20 longwearing shades.

Why You’ll Love It

14HR Lipstick with an ultra-lightweight formula:

  • Stays fresh, light, and oh so comfortable
  • Super rich color that lasts for 14 hours
  • In 20 long wearing shades



Indeed, the lipstick colour has so much power. Well, I am not really sure if it is not drying. My lips are very dry, but this lipstick is dry from itself. It is not sticky to my lips. If they promise that this lipstick will be not dry, then they failed. But I am not really sure, because I have very dry lips from myself. If they promise that this lipstick will be wet and not dry on the lips, then they made a good one for my lips. Not too dry, not too wet. And sticky at all!

They are true about the freshness, lightness and – indeed – very comfortable to wear on my lips. Even when my lips are (very) dry.

The lipstick last for a very long time, but I won’t say for 14 hours. Maybe ten hours. Very long too.

I love the structure very much!


For Best Results

Apply your lipcolor by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

After all I am very happy with this lipstick and I can highly recommend this lipstick. They have also other lipstick colours in this serie!

Review: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Architect 4 Dimensions Effect Fibers – Black Lacquer

I have a review about a mascara I am using now for more than one month. It is the mascara: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Architect 4 Dimensions Effect Fibers – Black Lacquer.


The package is black with a silver colouring husk. It has a figuring package. Love the chic package very much. The mascara is black. It is not waterproof. For me, it doesn’t matter.

What L’Oreal Paris says about this product:

L’Oréal Paris creates its first false lash effect mascara in 4D. The power of sculpting fibres for lashes that look volumized, lenghthened, texturized, curved. Enriched with 4mm fibres, the formula builds lash appearance: moulding, re-shaping and sculpting.

Is this a mascara I would use and will it be my favourite mascara I have ever had? Or do I have to look further? Lets take the journey together!


When I unpacked the mascara I was very surprised about the long brush, the medium lashes and the mascara brush was a little bit oblique. I like the difference. It is a black mascara.

DSC_3491  DSC_3495

The brush is a bit long. It has medium lashes. I am not really sure if this is good or bad. I think it is just taste. But I am not a big fan of this brush. The lash of the brush is medium and the mascara you can see if the brush has lashes itself. But at the other side the mascara makes my own lashes much more bigger. That was a big surprise to me.

DSC_3496 DSC_3498 DSC_3500

The mascara on my eyelashes, sticks together. Sometimes it irritates me very much. Well, I think because I have small lashes. At the other side, the mascara has the right volume, thickness and length.

DSC_3583 DSC_3584

Can I say if I am happy with this mascara? I am still not sure after using it for more than a month. Shall I buy it for the second time? I won’t think so. I just hate it when the lashes will stick together. I am happy and not happy with this mascara. I’ve just mixed feelings.

DSC_3585 DSC_3586 DSC_3493

Review: Catrice Kohl Kajal – Purple Du Soleil

This review is about the Catrice Kohl Kajal and the name is Purple Du Soleil. It has number 150 – a lila colour. The package is like a normal pencil, but then with a husk in the same colour of the pencil. I love the colour very much. Good for fall. DSC_3624
This pencil is very sharp. I like that, but you have to sharp it very often. Then the pencil will be short by now. Really disappointed about that.
The texture is fine. It is soft and vulnerable. The point will break fast and then I have to sharp it again. The pencil is soft to apply and it doesn’t hurt that much. I love the colour, very nice for the fall and the winter. It can give you a dramatic look if you combine it with black eyeshadow and a colourful mascara. Especially Halloween is coming soon.
DSC_3631 DSC_3634
The eye pencil is easy to work with. The eye pencil hardly dispence during application.
I like it and I recommend this eye pencil. It is a good budget eye pencil.DSC_3789

Review: Max Factor – Copper Penny


The Max Factor lipstick is brow and the name is Copper Penny. It has number 775. Unfortunately there is not a serie which I can refer to. Anyway, the package is in a simple black husk as we can expect from Max Factor. The lipstick itself has a brown colour, but when I applied it on my lips the colour turned out between orange and brown. I love the colour, but I am a little bit disappointed that it is not fully light brown as I expect.

DSC_2322 DSC_2333

The texture is soft, easy to apply and – very important to me – is that the lipstick is not going besides the lips. It is on the lips for about two hours when it get off the lips.


After all I can tell you that I am happy with this lipsticks.

Review: Catrice Limited Edition Check and Tweed Velvet Lip Colour – Mind The Red!


Mind The Red! is the name of this orange/brown coloured lipstick in the serie Velvet Lip Colour from the Limited Edition Check and Tweed by Catrice. I love the colour very much! When I applied the lipstick, I was very surprised by the quality they used for this lipstick. It was very easy to apply.


The lipstick comes in a thin round and very long small black package. I like this very much. Something different from Catrice. The texture is good. It will be on my lips for about two hours. What surprises me too was that this lipstick was still good on my lips after diner. Of course, it was off the lips, but I could see that it covered the lips still well.

DSC_2834 DSC_2836 DSC_2839

The coverage is good. It could be better. I don’t know what it is but with any lipstick I have there will be some lipstick above the lips on my skin – even with expensive brands. I hate that very much. But I can tell you that I like this lipstick very much! It is soft to apply and it feels soft. I don’t feel this lipstick very much.


I love the colour and when I watch this picture below even more, there is twist of red in it too. Lovely to see.  After all I am very happy with this lipstick, but I think there could be more slowness in it to apply. Not really smoothly to apply, but it is ok.


Review: L’Oreal Paris False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length Effect Fibers – Hypnotic Brown


My L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture is almost empty, so I had to buy a new one. I got a €5,00 discount voucher for getting a lipstick, foundation or mascara from Max Factor. So I wanted to try the new mascara from Max Factor: Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara. But when I got to the store I saw a campaign from L’Oreal Paris when you buy one mascara, you will get one for free! The mascara from Max Factor will be €19.99 and one mascara from L’Oreal Paris will be €16.99 and if you buy two from L’Oreal Paris it will be cheaper. Once I will try the new mascara from Max Factor.




For the first one my choice was L’Oreal Paris False Lash Telescopic Infinite Length Effect Fibers with the name Hypnotic Brown.

This is what the website says about this mascara (I have the Hypnotic Brown – but I may assume this understanding below will stands for the Hypnotic Brown as well):

Get a lengthening false lash effect with False Lash Telescopic mascara by L’Oréal Paris. The innovative lengthening fibre formula builds intensity. Lashes look elongated as if beyond their tips. The Telescopic brush stretches every lash for an intense look. It’s off the scale!

Is this a good brown mascara? Does it have more lengthening? Let’s find out!


The package is silver colouring with the form of a telescope. I love that very much. I think it is a very special package! The name is really big on the package, which is very good. Sometimes I am looking for the name on packages! I was looking for a black mascara, but I didn’t look well and when I got home I saw it was Hypnotic Brown. After all, I don’t mind, because I can try something else. Just an other colour. And as you may know, I love trying on new stuf.


When I had taken off the packaging and turned open the mascara, I saw that the mascara was brown and not black – as I expected! I have to be careful when I am in the shop… I always get jitters in my belly when opening the package. Just a bit feeling of love. Some exitement. Kind of being proud that I just bought this product. Do you have that too? Well, get back to the product.


The brush has small hard hairs. But during applying the mascara I noticed that it will bring me long lashes. Kind of chic. Beautiful! I like that very much. I was a little bit surprised by that. But when I applied the mascara, I saw that the mascara will be between black and brown on my lashes. This mascara is not waterproof.




After a rainy day I have noticed that I didn’t had so much fall out of the mascara (the last picture).

After all I am very happy with this beautiful brown mascara. I totally recommend this mascara for others to use!!!

Review: Essence Longlasting Lipstick – Adorable Matt!


I have a review for you. It is an Essence lipstick in the serie Longlasting Lipstick. It has number 14 with the name ‘Adorable Matt!’. The colour is between matte pink and light bordeaux red. I don’t know how to describe this colour. It is a lovely colour. Maybe it could be my favourite colour as well as the On the Catwalk. The package is black with a red margin. Very simple, but that is what you can expect from such a budget brand!




The texture is fine for a budget brand. It applies fast, but not too fast that you will get lipstick aside the lips. It is really nice to recognise that this lipstick has the same texture as ‘On the Catwalk!’. I don’t find that much. Even Gosh doesn’t have that. But the cons is that it won’t stay for hours. I think one and a half hours. I may expect that from a budget brand.



Conclusion is that I like this budget lipstick! I think you can use this lipstick in the spring as well.

Review: Catrice Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow – Metalfusion

DSC_2505 DSC_2507

In the Limited Edition Metallure from Catrice they made eyshadows as well. This eyeshadow is fine, but not the best I have tried. It has a bit a fall out when applying the eye shadow.

The package is transparant and the eye shadow itself is gold with grey/black. It blend well together. I like the colour very much. I like the texture too, but that could be better.

DSC_2574  DSC_2577

After all I can say I can work with it!

DSC_2510 DSC_2511


Review: Catrice Limited Edition Metallure Lip Colour – Alluring Red

This is Catrice lipstick from the Limited Edition Metallure. It is in the serie Lip Colour number C03 – Alluring Red.

DSC_2518 DSC_2528

The package is gold looking with white stripes on in and the brands name. It is very chic though! A lovely package. Does it work lovely as the package looks?


The colour is a cross between dark pink and bordeaux red. A beautiful colour. I like this colour actually! Lately I am trying bright colours. This lipstick fits in the season of fall – which I love very much.

The texture is fine. It is smoothly to apply. Not going aside and it will stay for about two hours. It surprised me how long that will be for lipstick of this brand. I like this texture. I don’t feel the lipstick when and after applying the lipstick. For me that is important.


After all I am very happy with this lipstick.

Review: Maybelline New York SyperStay 14HR Lipstick – Lasting Chestnut

Maybelline New York has a good brown lipstick: Lasting Chestnut with number 720. It is in the serie SyperStay 14HR Lipstick.


The package is transparant with a brown inside package and with a white husk. Beautiful and chic to look at!! Love it actually. It is easy to apply with the semi obliquely side to apply. Not too small and not too big! Perfect for my lips.


The lipstick is not too fat, but more dry! I like that. It is good to apply. Very easy actually! There is something special about this lipstick: it has a very nice smell. Some sweet smell. And it taste sweet. But I can’t place to what it smells.


I think it is worth buying this lipstick, also in other colours.

Review: Maybelline New York Colorsensational – Copper Brown

117783446 2,

I have an other review for you!


Lately I am into the brown colour. I think it comes because of the fall is coming! This is number 775 with the name Copper Brown in the serie Colorsensational from Maybelline New York. It’s a beautiful brown/gold colouring lipstick. It is easy to apply and very smoothly.


The package is squared with a brown husk.Very nice. The texture is good and easy to apply as I said before. Very light texture.


At the end I am very happy with this lipstick.