Pinterest ideas #4 – Luxurious, Glamurous and Elegance

Luxury things is what most of the people want these days, right? Well, let me say that a lot of people want to have a healthy life and that they don't want to think about if they are gonna make it financially at the end of the month. Most of the people do want to... Continue Reading →

Pinterest ideas #3

This text above reminds me of living today and don't think of what I had done bad or what I want to do in the future. We live today and not in the past or the future. We even don't know what will happen tonight. I am a bad organizer! Lately I am looking for... Continue Reading →

Pinterest ideas #2

Last week I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found so many interested pins I just want to share with you and my thoughts about it. This woman laughs like the world is hers! So confident. I wish I had that too. The vest-sweater she wears gives some air during the summer when the temperatures are above 25C° or so. I love... Continue Reading →

Pinterest ideas #1

This clutch is good for a dinner in a daily outfit. Beautiful brown colour that fits with every casual outfit! This was found on These blue pastel and white shoes looks like the fashion shoes from the sixties. I love that very much. This was found on Wonderful blue/white striped blouse. Very chic as well.... Continue Reading →

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