#music #6: country music

Lately I listen to country music. It is one of the music genres I am finding out. As I love classical music very much, I also like discovering other music. Below a list of country music I like.

#music #4: David Oistrakh – Brahms Violin Sonata No 3

David Oistrakh plays the Brahms Violin Sonata No 3 opus 108. The Violin Sonata gives me a warm feeling inside. It starts soft and goes slowly to a deeper emotional level. He composed this sonata between 1878 and 1888. The first time I listened to this violin sonata was on the radio when I was about ten years old. If I remember this well, at that time my sister was rehearing this violin sonata as well. So I heard this almost all day long for a few days straight. Since then I love this piece very much. Brahms also wrote two violin sonatas before and also other great work for violin.

The violinist David Oistrakh is one of the great violinists I have ever heard! He was born in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine).

For more performances of this violin sonata by other performers, you can watch it on YouTube.

#music #3: Janine Jansen Szymanowski

This video is very inspirational, because I like her style of playing. This music I don’t know until I found it on YouTube today. How she start playing this concerto for violin and orchestra: soft, touching, and above all, very emotional.

#music #2: Vivaldi The Four Seasons

I love classical music very much as you may know. Lately I am listening to The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

This is a recording from one of the Dutch National Radio Broadcast AvroTros: Quattro Stagioni – Janine JansenInternational Chambermusic Festival. She was accompanied by Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

This music is explaining the four seasons – as the title of the music says. The expressions in the movements gives me so much energy.

#music #1: Haydn and Bon Jovi

Today I want to share you my musical interest from last week. I will show you the music I listened to from last week: classical composer Joseph Haydn and rockband Bon Jovi. It sounds weird to show both in one post, but I believe that is doesn’t matter if you like one music genre or more.

As you may know I play the violin and I am playing in an orchestra too every Friday (today not because of the holidays). With my orchestra I am playing the Symphony number 63 “Roxelane” by Joseph Haydn. A classical composer who lived from 31 March 1732 until 31 May 1809. For more information you can read it on Wikipedia.

Since 2010 I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi. My father plays the guitar in a rockband and they played songs from Bon Jovi.
I’ll Be There For You is one of my favourite songs from Bon Jovi. An other favourite song from them is Born To Be My Baby.

One of my #bonjovimemories is a concert on 25th July 2011 in Hyde Park in London during Hard Rock Calling. I had such an amazing time. I went to such a concert for the first time. I always have been to classical concerts in concerts halls. I can’t show you a picture of this moment (I lost it), but I have made a video.