Fair in Odijk 2015

Fair in Odijk, 2015On 14 of May I went to a Fair in Odijk – the town where I live. It is a Fair that always will be held during Ascension Day. This was the first time I came here since I’m living here in 2009. I thought it wasn’t for me, but after all I loved it very much. Just walking on the Fair was great. At the time I was there – around two o’clock – it was very busy. This Fair was kind of a small market. At least that was  from my point of view.

There were so many stalls! Well, it wasn’t a market like Utrecht, but it was really nice!  I went with my daughters. They enjoyed it as well. We saw stall with clothes, food, drinks, things for at home, toys for the children and many more.

First we went to the one of the stall with clothes. This stall was not my style – maybe one or two items – but not all. Then I went to the jewellery stall. They had a mix of jewellery. From plastic bracelets to more expensive. I was not sure about the quality of the materials.

The sunglasses are made by bamboe. Very nice. I like such materials. I was wondering if these were from real wood. I think so. I love candles as well, but I am afraid for accidents, so I don’t use them a lot. That’s why I didn’t buy any of them.

At the very end we ate some – what we in Holland call ‘poffertjes’ – fritters. They were very delicious. I liked them a lot as well as my daughters.

Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk 2015
Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Questions about me

I asked you twice about asking me questions, because it was my birthday. It was sad to realise nobody was interested in asking me any questions. I will give myself feedback why it came that far. I thought to give you more time, but nobody asked me any questions.

So, this will be the last change for you to ask me any questions about me. Send your question in the comments below before Monday 18 May 2015. Come with any question you want to ask me.

xoxo Agnes

My Mother’s Day

Breakfast mother day

Last Sunday it was Mother’s Day!! But in the morning my two eldest daughters made breakfast and brought it upstairs, so I can eat it while sitting on bed. That was so sweet of them! They were asking me if I wanted that two days before, but some children forget it when the day arrived! But they didn’t!

I knew the weather will very beautiful on Mother’s Day. A lot of sun. So, I had planned a trip. I decided to go out with my family and parents. We cycled to the forest between Driebergen and Zeist. A beautiful nature to go. I love it there.

At one moment my father, Wigard and the children went walking to an other open place in the forest (not far from where we sat down) and they were looking for a salamander. When I came later, I was looking for them, but when I looked to the floor I saw a salamander running away from my feet when it came closer. Whet the salamander stopped I took my moment to photograph it. Haha, my father and Wigard were a bit jealous that I found one and got my moment with the salamander!

My presents for mother day

Three generations


Running on the hills

Family again

Woods between Driebergen and Zeist



Flowers in the tree

Day at the market – Utrecht

We ate Kibbeling.

Last Saturday I went to the market in Utrecht with Wigard and our daughters. We had such fun! When you walk from Hoog Catharine and the Train Station through V&D (Rijnkade 5, Utrecht) downstairs, you directly see the market – in the centre near TivoliVredenburg – which will be held on each Saturday. We walked on the market and we bought such nice food for dinner. First of all we bought some Kibbeling fish. This one was pretty good. You always have to look which Kibbeling will be good, because there are some differences in quality for Kibbeling.

Later on we went into shops to look.


Family weekend in Vaals

Family weekend Vaals - Cafe Koffereck

From 1 May until 4 May I have been to a family weekend of the aunt and uncle of Wigard. The reason we gathered together was because they are married for 40 years! I hope I will be married that long. We went to Vaals – in the province Limburg. There were so many hills! I love the view from our home.

May 1

When we arrived the weather was so beautiful. It was warmer than I expected.

On the first evening Wigard and I went to the Cafe Koffereck to drink with all of his nephews: four of them, including two of their girlfriends. It was a great place to go.

May 2

On May 2 I slept until 11 o’clock. That was great and exactly what I needed. I was a little bit tired. In the evening we had the dinner in the Hotel and Restaurant Bloemendal in Vaals. The first course was asparagus soup. I never ate that before, but it was very delicious!! While we had to wait for the main course we got a glass of ice cream with blueberry and red raspberry and some champagne (I never had champagne before). Second was asparagus with vegetarian burger and a thick sauce of green stuff (I don’t know what it was, but it was very nice!). As a desert I had a soft round cookie (it seems like a rusk people in Holland are eating for breakfast or lunch) with cream and above this cream there was a white topping cream with a little bit coffee cocoa and some fruit – red raspberry and black raspberry. I loved the whole dinner! At the end we got some coffee and tea. I don’t drink coffee that much, but I had some tea and I loved it very much.

May 3

On Sunday 3 May we has some tea and cake at the holiday house of the Wigard’s aunt and uncle. There we planned to go to the city Maastricht. It is such a lovely place to go. Someday must be the first one.

What I wore during dinner:

Dress by Anna van Toor (similar) // Shoes by Van Dalen (similar) // Vest by Anna van Toor (similar) //

My outfit for the dinner!
Family weekend
asparagus soup
Asparagus soup
Champagne with ice cream, blueberry and red raspberry
Champagne with ice cream, blueberry and red raspberry
Asparagus with vegetarian burger and a thick sauce of green stuff
Asparagus with vegetarian burger and a thick sauce of green stuff
Soft round cookie (it seems like a rusk people in Holland are eating for breakfast or lunch) with cream and above this cream there was a white topping cream with a little bit coffee cocoa and some fruit - red raspberry and black raspberry
Soft round cookie (it seems like a rusk people in Holland are eating for breakfast or lunch) with cream and above this cream there was a white topping cream with a little bit coffee cocoa and some fruit – red raspberry and black raspberry
At the end we got some coffee and tea
At the end we got some coffee and tea
Familyweekend Vaals
View from our window in our bedroom at the holiday park Hoog Vaals from Landal.
St. Servaas Basiliek, Maastricht
Sint Janskerk, Maastricht
Sint Janskerk, Maastricht

Kingsday in Odijk

It is more than one week ago, but still I have my outfit for Kingsday. Pretty the same as my outfit for the football matches during the World Championship last year. Only the jeans bodywarmer I got new in – given by my mom.
Luckily we had such great sunny weather! I love it when the sun starts rising. Wigard, Judith, Esther, Anna and I were walking to the football fields near the building of the local government. There were so many things to do for children.
At noon there were the biggest lunch of Odijk. At least that was the goal of the organisation. I think they made that goal. At least, I liked the lunch very much.

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Last Friday I asked you to aks me anything you want to know about me, because it was my birthday. You can still do that until 16th of April! Ask me anything you want to know me through fashiontolivefor@gmail.com, the contact form or in the comments below!!

#music #4: David Oistrakh – Brahms Violin Sonata No 3

David Oistrakh plays the Brahms Violin Sonata No 3 opus 108. The Violin Sonata gives me a warm feeling inside. It starts soft and goes slowly to a deeper emotional level. He composed this sonata between 1878 and 1888. The first time I listened to this violin sonata was on the radio when I was about ten years old. If I remember this well, at that time my sister was rehearing this violin sonata as well. So I heard this almost all day long for a few days straight. Since then I love this piece very much. Brahms also wrote two violin sonatas before and also other great work for violin.

The violinist David Oistrakh is one of the great violinists I have ever heard! He was born in the Russian Empire (now Ukraine).

For more performances of this violin sonata by other performers, you can watch it on YouTube.

Visit Wijk bij Duurstede


Last Sunday – 8 March 2015 – I went to Wijk bij Duurstede by bus. You also can go by bike from where I live: Odijk. But it was too far for me. And I went with the president of the orchestra. At this port we may be play, but it is not sure yet.

It was a wonderful day with lots of sun. It was cold as well, but very nice to be here. It is such a wonderful place to be.











#music #3: Janine Jansen Szymanowski

This video is very inspirational, because I like her style of playing. This music I don’t know until I found it on YouTube today. How she start playing this concerto for violin and orchestra: soft, touching, and above all, very emotional.

Wishlist for Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I do love Christmas, although my husband doesn’t want to anything special. But I am glad we have a Christmas Tree.

But I am wondering which products you really want to get for Christmas and which products give you priority to get?!

My wish list for Christmas:

A smartphone

I really do want to have a smartphone to get more in touch with you my lovely readers! I have social media, but I really can’t do anything with it, because I don’t have a good photo quality on my iPad.

A new chic wardrobe

I love wearing chic clothes or formal clothes. I really don’t have that much of formal clothes. I can wear them to classical concerts, work at an office or anything where I have to wear such kind of clothes… But I think I have to get dream on until I get my on job.

A job

My biggest wish is to get my own job I really like to do. I am still thinking of applying for a job or get to study again. If I will to get to study again it will be something totally different than being in an office. I thought about working in a hospital as a nurse.

#music #2: Vivaldi The Four Seasons

I love classical music very much as you may know. Lately I am listening to The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

This is a recording from one of the Dutch National Radio Broadcast AvroTros: Quattro Stagioni – Janine JansenInternational Chambermusic Festival. She was accompanied by Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

This music is explaining the four seasons – as the title of the music says. The expressions in the movements gives me so much energy.

Party grandmother-in-law

Last Saturday I had the party of my grandmother-in-law. She turned 93! What an age! I hope to get that age too!

With my husband and three daughters I went to Drachten – in the province of Friesland – by train. I love travelling by train. I have done that from a very young age. So, I don’t mind it. Although I have to entertain my youngest daughter.


When I was in Heerenveen I had to travel further to my destination by bus. I became nauseous when I was in the bus. I always have that she I travel by bus, because the bus made a lot of curves. And there I am very sick of. And I forgot to take the pills for this. But I kept my eyes closed to make it bearable, which helped me a lot.


When I arrived at the Van der Valk Hotel in Drachten, first of all I went to the ladies room to apply my make-up. I had no time in the morning. I went out of bed too late. I was very tired.

DSC_4399 DSC_4401

When I was still applying make-up, I decided to capture the picture for my Face of the Day. Everyone was looking at me what I was doing, but I told them about my blog and they understand now.

DSC_4404 DSC_4406

When I came into the hall, the tables were dressed up beautifully. It is a chic hotel where they organise parties like this too. The table was set up nicely. Simple and chic at the same time.


I love the candles very much. Especially with events. When everyone was arrived, we got some small pie in eight different tasted. Every year we are at this place and we get the same pie. This far I love the yellow with the chocolate, chocolate and the pink with the curves. Last Saturday I ate the yellow pie with the chocolate on it. It was very delicious. It taste vanilla.

DSC_4413 DSC_4415 DSC_4416 DSC_4420

At around 12.30h we got some tomato soup without vegetables (I always use that in my soup). Anyway I liked the taste: not too much salt, some oregano and basil. I am in fond of basil. I use that a lot in my pasta.

DSC_4422 DSC_4424

After the soup we got salads, bread and fries. It was really too much to all that! But it was really delicious!

This is my grand-mother-in-law!

DSC_4427 DSC_4428 DSC_4498

At two o-clock we were going to bowl. I was really worse in doing this.