Happy New Year!

  What can I say more? Actually I want to wish that 2016 may be the most wonderful year you will have so far, that your wishes may come true you have dreamt of your whole life!

New Home #5: In and out

As you know, I am moving to Bunnik. Yesterday I promisedyou to get a glimpse of inside my new home. I also have been inspired in magazines, books, internet, stores to create my interior. I love to think about that. Now it is still a mass in the house, but in a few month I... Continue Reading →

Home update #4: all white

When I look at those pictures, I am much more excited about getting in in this new home. But I still have to wait for a few more months! I have been inside already and I can tell you it'll be beautifull. I'll show you them tomorrow. But I'm tired now. Good night!

Home update #3: the contours

This autumn pictures of my new home is stunning. It is just amazing how far they are already with my new home. It is going so fast. Love to see that! Last time they already had the roof without the stones outside. I never had been this close with a building from the beginning. I... Continue Reading →

Home update #2: already far

It's been a very long time when I updated youfor he last time about how my new home will be developing! These pictures made by me two weeks ago, now the roof is on top of the house. It's amazing how fast it's going with my new home. Love to see that. I've got so... Continue Reading →

Behind the fence

What's hidden behind this fence? Is it my new garden or is it just a fantasy? No, it is not my new garden and it is not my fantasy! What is it then? It is my inspiration to decorate my new garden when I moved to Bunnik next year. To think about it at this time will... Continue Reading →

Home update #1: the beginning

As I wrote earlier I am moving with my family to Bunnik. It will be a very changeling and exciting project! Because the house will be very new build. We will see the house from the ground growing into a real big house. The project is called Regentenkwartier. I promised you to show some photos as... Continue Reading →

Garden Fair Odijk 2015

Yesterday I've been to the Garden Fair in Odijk. It is always in the weekend after Ascension Day. We - my family - went to the main street where the Fair has been held. It was such a rainy day. Not that much fun to go then, but I wanted to go, because I needed to... Continue Reading →

Fair in Odijk 2015

On 14 of May I went to a Fair in Odijk - the town where I live. It is a Fair that always will be held during Ascension Day. This was the first time I came here since I'm living here in 2009. I thought it wasn't for me, but after all I loved it very much.... Continue Reading →

Questions about me

I asked you twice about asking me questions, because it was my birthday. It was sad to realise nobody was interested in asking me any questions. I will give myself feedback why it came that far. I thought to give you more time, but nobody asked me any questions. So, this will be the last... Continue Reading →

My Mother’s Day

Last Sunday it was Mother's Day!! But in the morning my two eldest daughters made breakfast and brought it upstairs, so I can eat it while sitting on bed. That was so sweet of them! They were asking me if I wanted that two days before, but some children forget it when the day arrived! But they didn't!... Continue Reading →

Day at the market – Utrecht

Last Saturday I went to the market in Utrecht with Wigard and our daughters. We had such fun! When you walk from Hoog Catharine and the Train Station through V&D (Rijnkade 5, Utrecht) downstairs, you directly see the market - in the centre near TivoliVredenburg - which will be held on each Saturday. We walked on the... Continue Reading →

Family weekend in Vaals

From 1 May until 4 May I have been to a family weekend of the aunt and uncle of Wigard. The reason we gathered together was because they are married for 40 years! I hope I will be married that long. We went to Vaals - in the province Limburg. There were so many hills!... Continue Reading →

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