Review: Max Factor – Coffee Toffee


Hi beauties! I have a lipstick to show you! This lipstick is from Max Factor. This is a brown lipstick. Between light and dark brown. A lovely colour, but I think it is not a colour that fits with my skin tone. It is a flesh brown colour.

The texture is good, but it won’t stay on the lips for hours. I think for at least two hours. Sometimes the lipstick will get aside the lips.



Review: Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown

This is the Maybelline New York Big Eyes – Luminous Brown. Brown and nude colours.

As you can see, the package is black with a transparant cover on the box. There are four colours: off white, nude brown, orange brown and dark brown.

I love those colours very much. It depends on the skin, but you can make wonderful creations with this eyeshadow palette. At my skin the eyeshadow won’t fall of the eyes that much while applying it on the eyes. So wonderful to have such an eyeshadow palette. I have also palettes where the eyeshadow fall off the eye when applying it. I hate that very much.

The texture is fine, not many fall offs and it is very gently while applying the eyeshadow. My favourite colour in this eyeshadow palette is the light nude brown. I use this when I am working for the local radio and television station.

I think I fall in love with this eye shadow.

I can highly recommend this eyeshadow palette!



Face of the Day – 24 October 2014

DSC_4270 DSC_4274

Products I used –> Eyeshadow: Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – Pool Position and Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – Pretty Little Lilacs // Mascara: L’Oreal Paris – Volume Million Lashes So Couture // Blush: Catrice Defining Blush – Rosewood Forest // Lipgloss: New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer – Big City Berry //

I started applying make-up in the afternoon instead in the morning. In the morning I got a heavy pain in my stomach. It was feeling like someone put a knife in my stomach. I called the family doctor and she told me that I have a stomach ulcer. So, she prescribed some medication for me. My husband came home from his work, especially for me. But went to his parents with the children, so I have some rest.

This was cause I had some stress lately (the year report I was working on), spicy food and fat food. I have to do slowly with these things and take some rest.

Review: Maybelline New York SyperStay 14HR Lipstick – Lasting Chestnut

Maybelline New York has a good brown lipstick: Lasting Chestnut with number 720. It is in the serie SyperStay 14HR Lipstick.


The package is transparant with a brown inside package and with a white husk. Beautiful and chic to look at!! Love it actually. It is easy to apply with the semi obliquely side to apply. Not too small and not too big! Perfect for my lips.


The lipstick is not too fat, but more dry! I like that. It is good to apply. Very easy actually! There is something special about this lipstick: it has a very nice smell. Some sweet smell. And it taste sweet. But I can’t place to what it smells.


I think it is worth buying this lipstick, also in other colours.

Review: Maybelline New York Colorsensational – Copper Brown

117783446 2,

I have an other review for you!


Lately I am into the brown colour. I think it comes because of the fall is coming! This is number 775 with the name Copper Brown in the serie Colorsensational from Maybelline New York. It’s a beautiful brown/gold colouring lipstick. It is easy to apply and very smoothly.


The package is squared with a brown husk.Very nice. The texture is good and easy to apply as I said before. Very light texture.


At the end I am very happy with this lipstick.

Face of the Day – 5 September 2014

This is my face of the day.


These are the products I have used:

DSC_2310 DSC_2311

Review: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Lip Balm – Another Pink Panther

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Here an other review of a Catrice product: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Lip Balm with number C01 and the name is: Another Pink Panther.

This is what they say on their website:

Beauty Patisserie. An indulgent shine with just a hint of colour. The limited Lip Balms by Crème Fresh have an especially creamy texture to ensure soft and supple lips. The semi-transparent finish comes in pink, apricot and mint green.

It is a very light pink lip balm. First of all I thought it was a lipstick. But after applying this beautiful pink lip balm I felt it was a different structure and texture of the ‘lipstick’. And then I thought it was a lipstick with a texture of a lip balm, but it wasn’t a lipstick, but a lip balm. I haven’t read the etiket very well.


The package is matte silver with square figurines. Very beautiful and chic package! The lip balm is salmon pink, very light. I like that and it is chic looking lip balm.


They promise creamy, soft and supple lips. And I can tell you that the texture is creamy and smoothly to apply. I am not sure if my lips will be supple from the lip balm, but it does take care of my lips.


Review: Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – Upside Brown

I am reviewing Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – Upside Brown.

In fall I love the colour brown. It fits in this season fall. So I wanted to try this. On the website of Catrice was said this about the lipstick:

Whispering sweet nothings: the Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour units colour and shine. Its particularly light gel-like texture offers longlasting care and medium colour-dispersion to ensure silky, smooth lips with a gorgeous shine. Chapped lips are a thing of the past, the present is looking bright and beautiful!

Does this lipstick do what it has been promised? Let’s check out!


This lipstick has a good colour on the lips. It has a soft texture and very light on the lips. As they promised medium-dispersion. That is good! It has a shine texture. I like that very much! And it gives good coverage on the lips what fits in the formule.


The package is silver colouring and very chic. This texture gives care on my lips. Perfect for me with my dry lips! I hate lipsticks which doesn’t care my lips. This budget lipstick does take care of my lips. And they promised smoothy lips. Is that true? I can say yes.



Am I satisfied with this lipstick? Yes, I am satisfied, but I can’t wear it for more than two hours, then it will get off!

Review: Catrice Limited Edition Celtica Sheer lip colour – Love, Peach & Harmony

Catrice has a Limited Edition: “Celtica”. It is a Sheer lip colour with number C02 and the name is: Love, Peach & Harmony. A lovely peachy lipstick, but does it work as it looks great?


As I mentioned the lipstick looks peachy. It smells very sweet. I don’t know if I like that. It is easy to apply. I have no problems with that.  It is a transparant lipstick. I like that very much. Not very heavy peachy colour.


The texture is fine to work with. The cons is that it gets off very quickly!


After all I am very happy with this lipstick.

Nails #19: Maybelline New York Color Show by Colorama – Downtown Red

This beautiful bordeaux red nail polish I like it very much. It is from Maybelline New York Color in the serie ‘Show by Colorama’, number 352 with the name Downtown Red. A lovely red colour. If I see the jar from outside than it is more light red, but on the nails it will be bordeaux red. And that is my colour!! I like that very much!!

DSC_1818 DSC_1821

The jar is very small. Very chic as well. The size of the bottle doesn’t matter to me. The husk is black and the name is in white. Not special, but it is chic, though.


The brush is between round and flat. It is good to work with. With this brush I have to apply the nail polish three times to get a good coverage. A little bit disappointed in that. But than it will stay on my nails for at least seven days.


Face of the Day – 27 August 2014

Here is my face of the day!! Enjoy it.


I started with the New York Color eyeshadow Smokey eyes for green eyes in the serie IndividualEyes. First I used the base and then I did the white on both lids. The I used the purple to blend it with the white one and in the outer corner the darkest colour.


The mascara was the L’Oreal Paris mascara.

The blush is: Catrice Defining Blush Rosewood Forest.


On the lips it was the Red Step Up lipstick from Catrice in the serie Ultimate Colour.

DSC_1283 DSC_1269

Review: Essence night club glamour to go eyeshadow – already midnight

I am sorry I am too late with reviewing this eye shadow palette…

Essence Night Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow – 04 Already Midnight is budget eye shadow. I can see and feel that it is a budget eye shadow. You have eight different eyeshadows in this palette. Very dark eyeshadows: dark grey, middle light grey, light grey, blue, dark blue and between blue and grey. I like it for going out. Is this eyeshadow palette a good budget eyeshadow palette for going out? Find out with me!

DSC_1728 DSC_1726

The colours are very nice to see. It will apply good on the eyes, but it also will be fast applied. So, be careful that you won’t get too much on the eyes…

DSC_1659 DSC_1664

Essence is a budget brand, so I didn’t expected much of this eye shadow palette! But it surprised me with how well it will blend together!

DSC_1662  DSC_1666

The brush is not my favourite, but I can work with it as well with the applicator.

After all I am happy with this budget eyeshadow.

I hope you like it very much!

Face of the Day – 26 August 2014

Today I had some thick eyes. I don’t how it came. I think it is my hay fever. But anyway this is my face of the day.


I started with the MUA eye shadow palette: first I applied the yellow eyeshadow on the the whole lid, then in the corner I used the grey from the inner lid till the middle. From the outer lid I have used the darkest brown from the palette.


Second of all I have used the L’Oreal Paris mascara.




Then I used the Defining Blush Rosewood Forest from Catrice.


The lipstick was from Gosh: Velvet Touch LipstickDelicious.

DSC_9863 DSC_9871 DSC_9883