Pinterest ideas #4 – Luxurious, Glamurous and Elegance

Most expensive house in New York City: $161 million mansion on the Upper East Side in Manhattan:
Luxury things is what most of the people want these days, right? Well, let me say that a lot of people want to have a healthy life and that they don’t want to think about if they are gonna make it financially at the end of the month. Most of the people do want to buy what they want and when they want to buy it. But if you are the one who reads this that you all sorts of luxury goods can afford it, then I have here a list of ideas on Pinterest where you may think of. What luxury goods do you what to have some day?

Amaretto Eskimo Pie, from Spago Las Vegas:
Pimp Watch - 1970s 18K Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date by Carl Cohen:
kate spade:
Love the jumpsuit:
Classic Silk Pajamas for Women - Morning Dew - Multiple Colors Available - The Ultimate in Luxury Pajama Sleepwear...:
Pretty white dress. Dressing for My Life by Patti Montgomery:
Pronovias 2014:
Bayco platinum sapphire drop earrings:

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