Pinterest ideas #2

Last week I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found so many interested pins I just want to share with you and my thoughts about it.

This woman laughs like the world is hers! So confident. I wish I had that too. The vest-sweater she wears gives some air during the summer when the temperatures are above 25C° or so. I love the blue skirts she wears with the flats. Those items fits her perfectly. I think it is a little bit bohemian, but still street style chic.

Woodsy chic

The bridge looks perfect together with her outfit. I love the chosen jacket with sweater, legging and shoes. Just simple, comfy and beautiful. I only prefer wearing jeans. That would be more comfortable to me. Wonderful outfit for the autumn or spring.

Valencia, Spain (by monsalo)This is just a perfect picture. Good captured. It reminds me of looking through the perspectives and not thinking about the smalls thing that went wrong. Just looking forward and enjoy all small things instead of doing cranky!Blossom Pleated Maxi

This summer beach gown is beautiful and it inspires me to love what I do and enjoy what I do. Because of the wide side of the gown and no arms.


Please do comment!!

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