Fair in Odijk 2015

Fair in Odijk, 2015On 14 of May I went to a Fair in Odijk – the town where I live. It is a Fair that always will be held during Ascension Day. This was the first time I came here since I’m living here in 2009. I thought it wasn’t for me, but after all I loved it very much. Just walking on the Fair was great. At the time I was there – around two o’clock – it was very busy. This Fair was kind of a small market. At least that was  from my point of view.

There were so many stalls! Well, it wasn’t a market like Utrecht, but it was really nice!  I went with my daughters. They enjoyed it as well. We saw stall with clothes, food, drinks, things for at home, toys for the children and many more.

First we went to the one of the stall with clothes. This stall was not my style – maybe one or two items – but not all. Then I went to the jewellery stall. They had a mix of jewellery. From plastic bracelets to more expensive. I was not sure about the quality of the materials.

The sunglasses are made by bamboe. Very nice. I like such materials. I was wondering if these were from real wood. I think so. I love candles as well, but I am afraid for accidents, so I don’t use them a lot. That’s why I didn’t buy any of them.

At the very end we ate some – what we in Holland call ‘poffertjes’ – fritters. They were very delicious. I liked them a lot as well as my daughters.

Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk 2015
Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015Fair Odijk 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015

Fair Odijk, 2015


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