My Mother’s Day

Breakfast mother day

Last Sunday it was Mother’s Day!! But in the morning my two eldest daughters made breakfast and brought it upstairs, so I can eat it while sitting on bed. That was so sweet of them! They were asking me if I wanted that two days before, but some children forget it when the day arrived! But they didn’t!

I knew the weather will very beautiful on Mother’s Day. A lot of sun. So, I had planned a trip. I decided to go out with my family and parents. We cycled to the forest between Driebergen and Zeist. A beautiful nature to go. I love it there.

At one moment my father, Wigard and the children went walking to an other open place in the forest (not far from where we sat down) and they were looking for a salamander. When I came later, I was looking for them, but when I looked to the floor I saw a salamander running away from my feet when it came closer. Whet the salamander stopped I took my moment to photograph it. Haha, my father and Wigard were a bit jealous that I found one and got my moment with the salamander!

My presents for mother day

Three generations


Running on the hills

Family again

Woods between Driebergen and Zeist



Flowers in the tree


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