Love this denim jacket

Denim jacket

When it was Mother’s Day last Sunday I chose for a comfortable outfit in which I can walk easily during the walk in the forest. We had such a lovely day! First we cycled to our destination: the forest between Zeist and Driebergen. Lovely place to go. I literally found the rest I needed so much! I am a bit tired the last few weeks. I went with my family and parents.

When we arrived we spotted a place to sit down on our blanket. I used to do this a lot when I was a little child. So great to continue this kind of tradition (during special days). We had our lunch and the children played in the forest. Anna is trying to show us she has her own mind and goes her own way. She will walk away when she thinks I am not seeing this. But she is wrong; I’m seeing her action from the corner of my eyes! But she is very cute too, so adorable. The other two just played around and coming back all the time.

We all loved this picnic very much. I definitely will do this again! I’m just feeling rested when I come home from a day in the forest.It’s kind of a relief. And we have more forest in our neighbourhood. And it is easier to go there when we will move to Bunnik next year!

Have you ever had a picnic in the forest? How was your experience? Will you ever picnic again?

denim jacket

denim jacket

denim jacket

denim jacket

denim jacket

What I wore:

Denim jacket – Miss Etam – similar

T-shirt’s – Clockhouse and Anni Rolfi – similar and similar

Jeans – Jane Norman – similar

Shoes – Reebok – similar

Earrings – Six

Sunglassessimilar and similar and similar

Watchsimilar and similar


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