Wishlist for Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? I do love Christmas, although my husband doesn’t want to anything special. But I am glad we have a Christmas Tree.

But I am wondering which products you really want to get for Christmas and which products give you priority to get?!

My wish list for Christmas:

A smartphone

I really do want to have a smartphone to get more in touch with you my lovely readers! I have social media, but I really can’t do anything with it, because I don’t have a good photo quality on my iPad.

A new chic wardrobe

I love wearing chic clothes or formal clothes. I really don’t have that much of formal clothes. I can wear them to classical concerts, work at an office or anything where I have to wear such kind of clothes… But I think I have to get dream on until I get my on job.

A job

My biggest wish is to get my own job I really like to do. I am still thinking of applying for a job or get to study again. If I will to get to study again it will be something totally different than being in an office. I thought about working in a hospital as a nurse.


Please do comment!!

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