Glamorous Halloween

Glamorous Halloween

In a few days, Halloween is coming. I am not doing anything on Halloween, but I like the costumes and all things around. I have very young children and I don’t know if I want to do anything with it when my children are this age. But in a few years maybe I will do anything with it. And I am not sure if people do anything with it in The Netherlands. Anyway, maybe this inspires you to have a chic outfit for Halloween.

Alexander McQueen shirts blouse

Alexander McQueen jacket
$2,880 –

Alexander McQueen black skirt
$1,700 –

Ganni platform shoes
$160 –

Versace handbag

Atelier Swarovski black bracelet
$780 –

Oasis black earrings
$19 –

Warehouse floppy hat
$40 –

Maybelline lips makeup
$12 –

Opi nail polish
$21 –

Ralph Lauren Home alabaster box
$400 –

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