Face of the Day – 24 October 2014

DSC_4270 DSC_4274

Products I used –> Eyeshadow: Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – Pool Position and Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quattro – Pretty Little Lilacs // Mascara: L’Oreal Paris – Volume Million Lashes So Couture // Blush: Catrice Defining Blush – Rosewood Forest // Lipgloss: New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer – Big City Berry //

I started applying make-up in the afternoon instead in the morning. In the morning I got a heavy pain in my stomach. It was feeling like someone put a knife in my stomach. I called the family doctor and she told me that I have a stomach ulcer. So, she prescribed some medication for me. My husband came home from his work, especially for me. But went to his parents with the children, so I have some rest.

This was cause I had some stress lately (the year report I was working on), spicy food and fat food. I have to do slowly with these things and take some rest.


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