Face of the Day – 11 October 2014

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Products I used –> Eyeshadow base: Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base // New York Color HD Color Quattro Eye Shadow – Fashion Bootcamp and Catrice Limited Edition Celtica Baked Eyeshadow – Paralilac and Catrice Absolute Eye Colour – New In Brown and Essence MetalGlam Eyeshadow – Chocolate Jewelery // Mascara: L’Oreal Paris False Lash 4 Dimensions Effect Fibers – Black Lacquer // Blush: Catrice Defining Blush – Rose Royce // Lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – Russian Violette //

Today I had a reunion of my school. My school is doing lots of things with music. So, they decided to do a sing-a-long with songs of some of the musicals they did in the past. Every hour we played and sang with the band of the day. So, I came in the hall and I saw that the school was totally changed. The wings were still there, but it has been changed so much that I really had to look well where the classrooms were where I got my lessons. Although I was there for one year, my classmates bullied me very much. I didn’t had that great time. Only when I did the musical Grease! Music means a lot to me. The school was fantastic; great teachers, nice fellow students in higher classes who were playing in the same orchestra as I was.

But after all I saw one classmate in the only year I was there at school. The next year I had to go to one level lower, because I didn’t do my best. That was because I was bullied. At least that was one of the reasons – the other reasons are too private to share with you. But she was asking me how I am doing and what I am doing these days. After we chatted for like two minutes she told me she wanted to go with her friends and come back to me later, but after all she was gone as she stopped by. Do have these kind of things too? I feel me ashamed that I didn’t finished any study and that I didn’t do my best at my fist school.

xoxo Agnes


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