Presenting the local political radio broadcast

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As you may know I am the presenter of the local radio broadcast for the local politics. I love to present for the radio. I am doing this as a volunteer. All of the presenters of the local radio and television broadcast station in the area of Zeist are volunteers. I love to do voluntary work. Presenting this programme is something to relax. I now know lots of the local politics. Why do I present the local radio broadcast of the local politics? Well, I can tell you. Maybe you know that I am the secretary in the board of one of the local politics. I’m locally active, because I believe that politics is not only in The Hague – where national politics is located – but local. There is where the local people have the problems that related to the local politics, there is where the local businesses have their problems that related to the local politics. And all other things that can’t be solved by the national politicians.

Presenting this programme and being the secretary of the board of one of the local political organisation I learn so much how the politics works, locally, nationally and in the province. I am not sure if I want to be a politician in the future, but at least I have some experience in politics. But I love to blog as well and maybe I want to make that as my profession. At least I am enjoying to present this local radio broadcast in the local politics.

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