Nails #25 Essence Colour and Go – Wanna Say Hello

I have a nail polish review from Essence in their serie Colour and Go! I know I have done so many of them, but I love the colours and the brush to work with. But I am not so sure about the texture each time. Do I have to try it with or without base- and topcoat? I have chosen for Essence Colour and Go – Wanna Say Hello.


The package is as all of their package: in a transparant bottle with a husk in the colour of the nail polish. Just as usual! Very simple. The bottle is easy to open. After open the bottle I could see the nail polish in a light brown colour. I love the colour. Especially in this fall season. A lovely colour. In the first place I thought this nail polish was a kind of red one, but after looking well, I saw it was light brown.


The brush is flat as always. I love that very much, but this is too thick. A little bit a shame, I think. Because if you use a brush that is in between flat and round brushes than you will polish the nails easier. At least that is my opinion. This time I took more time to polish my nails. Love to polish my nails. There is enough polish on the brush to polish the nails with. Very good.


The texture is ok, but it could be more smoothly and thicker to stay on the brush. The polish gets off the brush soon, because it is a little bit thin. But I don’t feel the nail polish after I applied it. I think that is a good point. The only thing I am bothering with is that there are very small holes in the nail polish after I applied it on the nails and after I used a topcoat I still can see it!


After all I am fine with the nails polish. I love the colour!


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