Nails #24 Max Factor Glossfinity – Royal Blue

Sorry that I haven’t posted this Tuesday, but I was very busy with the local politics, musical activities and my children.


Last Sunday I have polished my nails again. I have done the Max Factor Glossfinity, number 135 with the name Royal Blue. I can tell you: it is really a Royal Blue colour! I love the colour very much. It is a transparant squared bottle with a black husk. The name is very clear on the bottle. Immediately I can read that they promise that this nail polish will give you “glossy nails for up to 7 days”.

What they promise

This is what they write about this product on their website:

  • Immaculate, glossy nails that last with Glossfinity Nail Polish.
  • High gloss, professional finish.
  • Glossy nails that last up to 7 days
  • Available in 25 signature shades

Does it work what they promise? Lets find out!

DSC_3544 DSC_3546

Bottle and brush

As I already wrote, I like the colour very much. It fits good on my nails. It comes in a bottle of 11 ml. Pritty much. The first nail I applied, I was surprised by how easy it was to apply the nail polish. I mean, it didn’t go besides the nails too much as I used to. I always have, because the brush is too big or too small, but this is perfect for me. Or maybe I was relaxing while I was applying the nail polish.


Texture and coverage

The nail polish is a little bit limp when you get it off the bottle. I don’t know what to think about that! When I think about it, I don’t really mind that, but you have to be careful that it won’t get off the brush soon. When it is on your nails, I have to wait about three minutes before it will be dry. I don’t think that is what it meant to be. Or did I applied too much on the nails? Well, I don’t know; I applied one layer on my nails. The coverage is fine, although I made a mistake by applying one layer on the left hand. Two days I got a clip in the nail polish.



After all I am happy with this nail polish. Maybe I can try it with a top coat to protect my nail polish.


Please do comment!!

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