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I have two lipsticks from Max Factor for to compare. Max Factor Dusky Rose (black package) and Max Factor English Rose (golden package). Both are fine to work with and they both are pink. English Rose is more going to dark peach, but still it is pink. It is light pink. Dusky Rose is more dark pink. You can see it is a little bit more dark, but you can’t see hardly.

Max Factor Dusky Rose is more unwieldy to affix to the lips. And Max Factor English Rose is more lighter and looser to affix to the lips. I prefer to apply Dusky Rose, but I will like English Rose too! Dusky Rose is more thick to apply and English Rose is more light to apply. Both textures are fine to work with. I like to have the darker pink, but I won’t disclose the English Rose at all. I really like both!

English Rose doen’t cover the lips totally and Dusky Rose does. But that is with my lips. I think it will be differently with each other skin. No doubt that I am happy with both lipsticks.

I prefer to use Dusky Rose more than English Rose. Which lipstick do you prefer to use? Let me know in the comments.

Dusky Rose
English Rose

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