Review: Essence Longlasting Lipstick – Adorable Matt!


I have a review for you. It is an Essence lipstick in the serie Longlasting Lipstick. It has number 14 with the name ‘Adorable Matt!’. The colour is between matte pink and light bordeaux red. I don’t know how to describe this colour. It is a lovely colour. Maybe it could be my favourite colour as well as the On the Catwalk. The package is black with a red margin. Very simple, but that is what you can expect from such a budget brand!




The texture is fine for a budget brand. It applies fast, but not too fast that you will get lipstick aside the lips. It is really nice to recognise that this lipstick has the same texture as ‘On the Catwalk!’. I don’t find that much. Even Gosh doesn’t have that. But the cons is that it won’t stay for hours. I think one and a half hours. I may expect that from a budget brand.



Conclusion is that I like this budget lipstick! I think you can use this lipstick in the spring as well.


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