Nails #23 Essence Colour and Go – Red Ahead


I have nail polish review for you! It is in the serie from Essence: Colour & Go. This is number 155 and the name is Red Ahead. The colour is beautiful: dark brown in combination with bordeaux red and dark purple. A lovely colour. On the package it says: “Nail polish quick drying”. Is it fast drying as Essence promise? Let’s check out, shall we?


The package is hourglass-shaped as we got used from Essence. Nice and simple package. The bottle is transparant so we can see the nail polish. Something I like to see. As you can see the colour is dark brown in combination with bordeaux red and dark purple. The first time when I saw it, I thought it was only brown, but if you take a closer look, you can definitely see the dark brown in combination with bordeaux red and dark purple colour.


The brush is flat as all the brushes in this serie. I like that the brush is flat, but it is – for me – too thick. That is just a shame and a personal taste. The texture is ok, but it is too thick for the texture. The first layer will be dark purple and dark red, but the second one is dark brown. Hmmm… When I first applied the nail polish it was weak and it got off the brush soon. Then also saw through the nails and I personally don’t like it when you watch through the nails. So, I applied the second layer, but it turned out dark brown. It stays a nice colour. No doubt about that. But the texture is fine, but it could be better.




I don’t how it possible,  but with the most dark colours I always apply next to the nails on the skin. I have to do something about that… Anyway, I love this nail polish and maybe I have to apply the nail polish with a base and topcoat.



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