Rimmel 60 Seconds Oragasm versus Maybelline New York SuperStay Gel Nail Color Megawatt 7 Days Orange Punch

Sorry for this late post, but I had visitors yesterday and because of that I was a little bit tired! It was between the last post from yesterday I had visitors.



Today I have comparison between two orange nail polishes: Rimmel 60 Seconds with number 403 and the name is Oragasm and Maybelline New York SuperStay Gel Nail Color Megawatt 7 Days with the number 470 and the name is Orange Punch. Both are orange nail polishes. Very nice to wear to support the Dutch sports teams! But also just for fun! But which orange nail polish should I wear to support the Dutch sport teams? First I started with Rimmel (on the thumb) and then Maybelline New York (on the forefinger). And so on…


As I said, both nail polishes are orange. At least they supposed to be orange! The Maybelline nail polish will be more peachy. Very nice too. You can see the orange colour and there is hardly a difference in colour, but still you can see the difference between those two! I love both colours! No doubt about that.


Rimmel has a round brush. Normally I don’t like round blush, but Rimmel has a good husk to hold in the hand to work with the round brush. Maybelline has a flat brush which I prefer to work with! A good thing from Maybelline.




The texture from Rimmel is good. It will stay on the nails at least five days and Maybelline will stay seven days on the nails. The texture from Maybelline is fine, but it could be better! A little bit disappointed. Rimmel is fast when you apply in to the nails and Maybelline a little bit slower, but not bordering for me! For both polishes I was surprised of the texture: both not too thick and not too thin. Both nail polishes are good. Normally I use my top and base coat on the nails and the nail polishes. This time I haven’t done that!



When I woke up the next morning the nail polish of the forefinger has been broken (photo’s below). First of all I thought it was because I didn’t use the top and base coat, but soon I realised that I had it with the same finger with the other hand. So, I will doubting about the texture and the quality of this nail polish.





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