Nails #21 Essence Colour & Go – Miss Universe

117783446 2,

I have an other nail polish review. It is in the serie Colour & Go by Essence with number 147 – Miss Universe. A beautiful nail polish with smaal glitters/shimmers in it.

DSC_2415 DSC_2417

The nail polish comes in a transparant bottle with their name on it and the name of the serie. On the back you will find information about the ingredients of the nail polish and the number with the name.


I think this brush is good, because it has a flat brush. I like that very much, because I can swatch the nail polish in one time on my nails. You are not longer polishes your nails anymore.


The nail polish has a beautiful colour. No doubt about that. The texture is not what I expected from Essence nail polishes. I used to get nail polishes with a more fine texture and gently to apply. Now I have to apply this nail polish for more than five times. Very bad!


There is an other thing about this nail polish. The next morning I saw that there were scratch on the nail polish! After one day. And one other nail had damaged nail polish as well the next morning! That is what you may not expect from a nail polish in the morning after applying it the evening before. I truly dried the nail polish very well!


After all I can say that I am not happy with this nail polish.


Please do comment!!

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