This is Catrice lipstick from the Limited Edition Metallure. It is in the serie Lip Colour number C03 – Alluring Red.

DSC_2518Β DSC_2528

The package is gold looking with white stripes on in and the brands name. It is very chic though! A lovely package. Does it work lovely as the package looks?


The colour is a cross between dark pink and bordeaux red. A beautiful colour. I like this colour actually! Lately I am trying bright colours. This lipstick fits in the season of fall – which I love very much.

The texture is fine. It is smoothly to apply. Not going aside and it will stay for about two hours. It surprised me how long that will be for lipstick of this brand. I like this texture. I don’t feel the lipstick when and after applying the lipstick. For me that is important.


After all I am very happy with this lipstick.


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