Review: Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – Upside Brown

I am reviewing Catrice Ultimate Shine Gel Colour – Upside Brown.

In fall I love the colour brown. It fits in this season fall. So I wanted to try this. On the website of Catrice was said this about the lipstick:

Whispering sweet nothings: the Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour units colour and shine. Its particularly light gel-like texture offers longlasting care and medium colour-dispersion to ensure silky, smooth lips with a gorgeous shine. Chapped lips are a thing of the past, the present is looking bright and beautiful!

Does this lipstick do what it has been promised? Let’s check out!


This lipstick has a good colour on the lips. It has a soft texture and very light on the lips. As they promised medium-dispersion. That is good! It has a shine texture. I like that very much! And it gives good coverage on the lips what fits in the formule.


The package is silver colouring and very chic. This texture gives care on my lips. Perfect for me with my dry lips! I hate lipsticks which doesn’t care my lips. This budget lipstick does take care of my lips. And they promised smoothy lips. Is that true? I can say yes.



Am I satisfied with this lipstick? Yes, I am satisfied, but I can’t wear it for more than two hours, then it will get off!


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