Review: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Lip Balm – Another Pink Panther

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Here an other review of a Catrice product: Catrice Limited Edition Crème Fresh Lip Balm with number C01 and the name is: Another Pink Panther.

This is what they say on their website:

Beauty Patisserie. An indulgent shine with just a hint of colour. The limited Lip Balms by Crème Fresh have an especially creamy texture to ensure soft and supple lips. The semi-transparent finish comes in pink, apricot and mint green.

It is a very light pink lip balm. First of all I thought it was a lipstick. But after applying this beautiful pink lip balm I felt it was a different structure and texture of the ‘lipstick’. And then I thought it was a lipstick with a texture of a lip balm, but it wasn’t a lipstick, but a lip balm. I haven’t read the etiket very well.


The package is matte silver with square figurines. Very beautiful and chic package! The lip balm is salmon pink, very light. I like that and it is chic looking lip balm.


They promise creamy, soft and supple lips. And I can tell you that the texture is creamy and smoothly to apply. I am not sure if my lips will be supple from the lip balm, but it does take care of my lips.



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