This beautiful bordeaux red nail polish I like it very much. It is from Maybelline New York Color in the serie ‘Show by Colorama’, number 352 with the name Downtown Red. A lovely red colour. If I see the jar from outside than it is more light red, but on the nails it will be bordeaux red. And that is my colour!! I like that very much!!

DSC_1818 DSC_1821

The jar is very small. Very chic as well. The size of the bottle doesn’t matter to me. The husk is black and the name is in white. Not special, but it is chic, though.


The brush is between round and flat. It is good to work with. With this brush I have to apply the nail polish three times to get a good coverage. A little bit disappointed in that. But than it will stay on my nails for at least seven days.



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