Rimmel Appocalips lip gloss: Celestial

As you may know, I have a matt lip gloss from Essence which I am very happy with (although I have to refinish it for a few times), but now I have a semi matt finishing lipgloss from Rimmel: Apocalips.


Rimmel has very good products, but sometimes their products are not ment to be for me! Is this matt finishing lipgloss a good product for me?


The lipgloss feel a little bit cold when applying it! It is what you like. I don’t mind, because when it is on the lips it feels warm soon. This lipgloss has no number (at least I could’t find one on the package), but it has the name Celestial. A pink nude lipgloss. Well, it turns out flash pink nude. I think you can name this lipgloss a nude one.


So, did I expected what it should do? Yes, it is a good shiny matt effect lipgloss with a nude effect.

I am very happy about this lipgloss with a good texture that stays on the lips very long!!


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