Dusky Rose

Max Factor is a great drugstore brand. I love their texture and the most time it is easy to apply. Is that the same for this lipstick?


The package is simply black. That doesn’t matter to me – the simplicity of the package. I love this brand.

The number of this lipstick is 830 Dusky Rose.


It is a pink colour. Between light and dark pink. I like this colour. But I think I will use it for special events.

Dusky Rose applies very good on my lips, very smoothly and not sticky at all.


It looks like my other pink lipstick from Max Factor. I am very happy with this lipstick. I totally can recommend this lipstick to everyone. Even if you don’t like the pink colour.


4 thoughts on “Dusky Rose

  1. I actually love the packaging, it looks very sleek and chic. Max Factor is not considered as a drugstore brand here, more on the mid range and I do agree they have some pretty good product.


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