Denim eye shadow

I just recognised that this post will be my 300th post. So happy that I have achieved this number! It’s about one and a half or two month ago that I have posted my 200th post. I truly love blogging.

Now I have an eye shadow post. It’s the eye shadow from Gosh that I have used for the Dutch flag on my eyes.


The package is simple black round box. The shade is blue. I like that very much. Lately I am in love with the blue colour. This is number 015 Denim Blue.


Gosh has good products for around the €10,-. It doesn’t break or it won’t get grainy. That is very important to me. I love the texture of this eye shadow.


For the inner corner of the eye I used the blue shade of the MUA eye shadow palette. Now I applied the MUA shade, I will tell you that the Gosh eye shadows will be much better to apply. For a budget brand the MUA eye shadow palette is a good one. But I prefer to have a more money shades.


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