Pinterest ideas #1

This clutch is good for a dinner in a daily outfit. Beautiful brown colour that fits with every casual outfit! This was found on


These blue pastel and white shoes looks like the fashion shoes from the sixties. I love that very much. This was found on

Shop Vogue

Wonderful blue/white striped blouse. Very chic as well. I could not really identify where the source was from.

Wow, this is beautiful skirt. Lately, I am in love with lots of different kind of blue.
2 Color New Womens OL Lotus Leaf Stripe Shirts Long Sleeve Blouses Size S~XL
Pencil Skirts, Custom Fitted Pencil Skirts , Pencil Skirts all Sizes, Custom Made Pencil Skirts
This is a ring that fits with all the items I have chosen.
Classic 14K White Gold 1.0 Ct Chrysoberyl Alexandrite Designer Solitaire Ring R259-14KWGAL

The ring is a good combination with crystal purple bracelet.


The jewellery will be definitely finished with those earring. The lightness of the earrings makes this outfit perfect!

Silver resin earring, lavender purple resin, lightweight modern silver resin dangle, purple cup earing, brushed finish, pruple earrings

This is how it looks together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it very much!


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