Liquid Metal eye shadow: Petrol Pan

As I already have mentioned Catrice has such good Liquid Metal eye shadows. You really look like if you are going to a rock concert. Actually you can apply this eye shadow when you go to a rock concert.


On the their website they say:

Colours with high pigmentation for an extraordinary metallic shine: the silky powder with a chrome effect is reminiscent of liquid metal. Its innovative texture with maximum pigmentation and intense colour-dispersion is sure to make your eyes shine instantly. The unique 3D embossment turns this eyeshadow into an absolute highlight. Nine metallic nuances for every day, every mood, every style.

It is a green shiny eye shadow. I love this pigmentation. As they mentioned it is an intenseĀ colour-dispersion.


In my opinion it is a little bit too dark green for this kind of eye shadow.

DSC_9293 DSC_9296


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