Favourite: Glamourose – Intensif’Eye Wet & Dry Shadow

You’ve seen many products of Catrice I reviewed, but I am still overwhelmed about the quality of the products! It’s getting better every time. It surprised me so much. And they have such lovely Limited Editions, like Haute Future and Carnival Of Colours. I also have the Intensif’Eye Wet & Dry Shadow.


Catrice wrote about the product this on their website:

The handmade, highly-pigmented Baked Eye Shadows with a unique triple color marbling effect really have a lot to offer! Depending on whether you apply them wet or dry, the intensity of the Intensif‘eye Wet & Dry Shadows ranges from subtle to bright. For every day, every mood, every style.

It is really a baked eye shadow; very hard and it doesn’t break at all. The texture is good as well as the variety of the eye shadow colour. On the eye you won’t see the eye shadow red stripes that there is in the packaging.


Although I have used this for the first time, this became one of my favourites of the month.

DSC_9027 DSC_9037



I have only tried this on dry eyes, but I’ll know for sure this will work on wet eyes too! I used this in combination with my eye shadow base.


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