Brazilian collection

As you’ve noticed I like the football world championship. I have collected lots of products that refer to this championship in Brasil!


This is the whole collection: Tempo tissues and Tempo packs of handkerchiefs.


These eye shadows from L’Oreal Paris have you seen earlier. The textures of both eye shadows are very good.

DSC_8869 Both eye shadows from Catrice. Lovely bright colours. These were not made especially for the football games, but these are in the standard collection.


Most of the product showed in this post I have reviewed already, but not all.

New York Color has no limited edition, but picked up colours and and shades together from their regular collection. All nail colours from this brand I reviewed is between good and bad. But the colours are very nice. I love them.


Maybelline New York has such good shades. The blue nail polish is already reviewed.

This Max Factor nail polis: 130 Lilac Lace. DSC_8877 Love the purple colour.

I love this Therme collection. It is such an amazing Limited Edition in Brazilian sphere. DSC_8879

Tempo is a tissue brand which I like very much. Very soft. I don’t have a nose that hurts after using tissues and handkerchiefs.

DSC_8885 DSC_8889 DSC_8892 DSC_8903 DSC_8904 DSC_8907

Maybe you’ve noticed: Essence pink polish and Limited Edition from Catrice.


Please do comment!!

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