Nails #11 Brazilian nails

You already have seen my whole haul of the Limited Edition Carnival Of Colours by Catrice. Yesterday I wrote about the eye shadows in this limited edition. I love these colours, but it is not really for a daily look, more for a special occasion – like the football match.

After the match yesterday I have done my nails with the nail polishes from this limited edition – except from the black nail polish.



This blue nail polish covers the nail good. It is C01 Team Blue.

DSC_8140 DSC_8145

This green colour is very light and you will see the nail a little bit. For me it doesn’t matter. This is shade C02 Viva Brasil.

DSC_8173 DSC_8175

The red is good red. Very flash which I like very much! This shade – C06 Feel The SpiRED – is a little bit like the green shade: you can see the nail a little bit.

DSC_8131 DSC_8134

This orange shade – C03 Burning Down The Arena – goed more to the peach colour, but you still can see it is the orange colour!

DSC_8180 DSC_8183

I lvd this yellow shade – C05 Go Yellow, Go!. It is very yellow and it covers the nail very good.

DSC_8123 DSC_8126

At least I did on the point of the nail the purple nail polish: C04 When I Say Li, You Say Lac.


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