Remember: Zalando’s Blogger Awards 2014

I want to remember you to vote for me for the Zalando’s Blogger Award!

Please, don’t forget to vote for me! You can vote for me until tomorrow!

To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Press this green button below.
  2. In ‘URL van je favoriete blog’ you write your favourite blog:
  3. In ‘Voornaam’ you write your first name.
  4. In ‘Achternaam’ you write your last name.
  5. In ‘Emailadres’ you write you e-mailaddress.
  6. Press in ‘Ik ben een’ if you’re a male (man) or a female (vrouw).
  7. Press ‘Ik doe mee en meld mij aan voor de nieuwsbrief’ if you want to receive the newsletter.
  8. Press ‘Ik accepteer de algemene spelvoorwaarden*’. This is a must, otherwiste you can not vote for me.
  9. Press the button ‘Nu stemmen’ (vote now) to vote for me.

Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014

I really would like it if you vote for me. It means a lot to me!


Please do comment!!

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