Rimmel Lasting Finish number 170 with the name Alarm is a beautiful red coloured lipstick.

DSC_0164 DSC_0170

The lipstick package is very beautiful as well!! The lipstick itself is red, smoothly, not sticky at all. I love the texture very much! I also have the Coral in Gold.

DSC_0172 DSC_0173 DSC_0175

Finally: I am very happy with this lipstick.

Prospect pink

New York Color has a lipgloss where I am not that happy about! This lipgloss is very sticky to the lips and when applying the lipgloss you will get too much on the lips which you can’t get it off!


I prefer to use my Catrice lipgloss or the lipgloss from L’Oreal Paris or Gosh! I really notice the differences between the budget brands and the drugstore brands.




Vintage dress
$66 -

Valentino black beaded pumps

Butterfly purse
$70 -

Butterfly jewelry

Alexander McQueen skull ring

Accessorize mini pendant

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is the name of the red lipstick from New York Color. This red lipstick is very beautiful, but I am thinking about the quality, because it doesn’t stay very long on the lips. Yes, I know it is a budget lipstick, but I may expect at least one hour stay?!


The colour is beautiful. As you may know, I love the red colour! It is my favourite colour. The texture is hard to apply, more hard then my peach fizz lipstick from the same brand as this red one.




The stick itself is vulnerable for breaking the point. The lipstick goes besides the lips very soon. That doesn’t look great and beautiful. From that view I am disappointed in this lipstick.


Because of the colour I will use it for a daily look. I prefer to use my red lipstick by L’Oreal Paris.

I prefer not to touch you

I prefer not to touch you

Red tank top

Carven summer skirt
$500 -

Orange leather tote

Stone necklace

14k ring

Cuff bangle